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ThinSlim Protocol

ThinSLim Medical Weight Loss Center offers to its patients a safe, board certified physician monitored diet protocol that will aid in the loss of unwanted fat. At ThinSlim we offer a series of services to help you get the most success out of your diet experience, while insuring proper medical supervision. While losing weight is one of the most rewarding things for both self satisfaction and your overall health, it is also very important that you are under the oversight of a board certified physician.

A personalized weight loss plan will be recommended to help you achieve your weight loss goals safely. Supervised rapid weight loss will be an option, in which you may be able to lose up to 1 pound per day on a Very Low Calorie Diet(VLCD). Pharmacotherapy for weight loss will also be used if desired. Your metabolism will be measured which is an important component to establishing daily calorie needs, whether you are trying to lose weight or maintain bodyweight. A new weight will be established as a set point for the body making it less likely to return to one's previous body weight. And strategies in Behavior Therapy will be learned to maintain the weight loss including managing Emotional Eating.

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Before You Begin

Prepare Yourself Mentally: Remember that you are doing this for yourself or someone you care about. Look in the mirror and imaging what you will look like when you complete the diet.

Buy a Scale: If you don't already have one, purchase a digital scale that will provide you an accurate reading of your daily weight. Get on the scale each morning and start keeping a written log or weight diary of your daily weight.

Buy a Food Scale: By purchasing a food or calorie scale, you will be able to accurately weigh your food to precisely determine your calorie intake. Enter the meals you eat each day on your weight log or in your weight diary for that day and look up the calories on the Internet. Be prepared to do better tomorrow.

Stop Drinking Alcohol: If you drink alcohol, you will need to stop during the protocol. If you drink habitually, you will need to see someone to help you stop before starting the ThinSlim Diet Protocol.

Find Diet Support from Family and Friends : Social support can help you stick to a diet and stay on track with a new exercise plan. Even better, find a friend or a family member to do the weight loss with you. Dieting with a friend will increase your diet success.

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What's Included at a Glance:

  • Consultation including Medical Review / Physical Exam
  • Lab Work Prescription (Lab work may be covered by your insurance)
  • InBody Weight Report, Body Composition Analysis / Measurements
  • Personalized Weight Loss Report
  • Weight Loss Prescriptions / Appetite Suppressants / Injections / Sublingual Drops
  • MedGem Indirect Calorimeter as seen in the popular TV show "The Biggest Loser"
  • Diet Information Booklet
  • Daily Diet Journal
  • Weekly B12 Injections (If Desired)
  • Weekly Lipotropic Injections (If Desired)
  • Monthly B Complex Injections (If Desired)
  • Weekly Office Visits including checking Vital Signs
  • Before and After Photos (If Requested)
  • Complimentary Lunch Box

Program Explained

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Initial Consult: Your initial consult will feel much like a normal doctors appointment. You will be required to provide your medical history, drugs you are currently taking (both prescribed and OTC). You will meet with a nurse to have your vitals taken and to cover your desired weight loss goals. You will be asked to set an appointment for blood work at a lab of your choice. After you will meet with one of our board certified physicians who will then examine you and discuss your overall health and make the determination of the method and period of time you will remain on the ThinSlim Diet Protocol.

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Weight Loss Consult : You will meet with a weight loss specialist who will go over the diet protocol with you. The medical weight loss specialist will discuss the do's and don't's you should follow while on the diet. You will also discuss the importance of following the protocol and they will instruct you on calling into the center if you are not sure about your instructions or if you have a question. The medical weight loss specialist will build a plan with you and provide you the options on how the thinSlim Diet Protocol can be administered and what other optional prescription medications and supplements ThinSlim can provide to you to assist in your weight loss. If the doctor has determined you are clear to get started, your weight loss specialist will then go over your diet plan, provide you with your ThinSlim Diet Protocol supplies, bring in a nurse to administer an injection (if in your plan) and schedule your next visit.

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Medications : At ThinSlim we offer three different methods of prescription medications, as well as other supplements and injections to assist you in your success.

Diet Prescription  is offered as an injection or sublingual drops.

Phentermine is a tablet that can be used of a limited period of time to speed weight loss in overweight people in conjunction with a diet. It works by decreasing the appetite.

B12 Injections Vitamin B-12 for weight loss improves your energy levels and weight loss.

B-Complex Injections B Vitamins increase the rate of metabolism, maintain healthy skin and muscle, enhance immune and nervous system, promote cell growth, and increase energy.

B6 Injections Vitamin B6 can help with weight loss through a stimulating effect of the thyroid. When caloric intake is low, your body needs vitamin B6 to help convert stored carbohydrate or other nutrients to glucose.

Lipotropic Injections Lipotropic compounds help with the breakdown of fat during metabolism in the body.

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Weekly Follow Ups :Weekly follow ups are vital to the ThinSlim Protocol. When you arrive at the center you will be weighed, your vitals will be checked, you may need to have lab work done to determine your blood counts, and you meet with your specialist to determine how you are doing on your plan and make changes/adjustments as necessary. During longer protocols, you may be directed to take a day off if it is determined you are building a tolerance to the prescription medication.

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Vitals Monitoring : At each visit to the center your vitals will be checked to determine your overall health. If you suffer from diabetes or high blood pressure it is of the utmost importance for you to be monitored during the program. Many people have reported improvement in their health related issues caused by being overweight and it may become necessary for you to reduce the medications you are taking for those issues.

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After the Diet Protocol : When you complete the prescription and injection portion of the protocol, you will move into the Maintenance Program or Stabilization Phase .This is a very critical time in the protocol to maintain your weight. During this period your body will reset to that weight and become stable so your weight does not show violent fluctuations even after occasional splurging. 

At the end of the Stabilization phase you will also need additional lab work to check your blood levels. In this meeting with your specialist you will discuss if you have met your goals and what you need to do to maintain your weight loss. Your specialist will help you create a low calorie intake diet to help you maintain your weight for a healthier, happier you.

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Other Benefits

  • No Muscle Loss: Since the ThinSlim Protocol targets the abnormal fat in your body, muscle mass remains unharmed, unlike many other diets where it is consumed as food by the body.
  • Protects structural fat, thus reducing wrinkles, if any, dramatically.
  • Helps to restructure your appetite.
  • Reshape the body's fat deposits, targeting especially the abdomen, buttocks, upper thighs, neck and face.
  • Improves diabetes: Since your are eating no sugars and starches, your blood sugar will become lower. If you are a diabetic, please insure you tell your physician or nurse at the your initial consultation, in order that your blood sugar can be monitored and your medications adjusted.
  • Blood pressure should decrease. If you suffer from high blood pressure or hypertension, please insure you tell your physician or nurse at the your initial consultation, in order that your blood pressure can be monitored and your medications adjusted.
  • GERD should show signs of improvement.
  • Studies suggest that even small amounts of weight loss can result in significant improvements in osteoarthritis symptoms and functioning.
  • Weight loss improves dyslipidemia and as a result reduces the risk of coronary heart disease.
  • Weight loss is an effective long-term treatment for patients with obstructive sleep apnea and other respiratory problems.
  • Normalizing BMI decreases the risk of development of some cancers such as endometrial, breast, and colon cancer.
  • And More...

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