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What is the ThinSlim Diet Protocol?

ThinSlim's Diet Protocol mimics a naturally occurring hormone found in every cell of the body in trace amounts (for both men and women). It is found in higher concentrations in pregnant women in order to sustain the pregnancy. Administering our prescription diet medication in small doses may decrease body fat, which aids in weight loss when combined with a medically supervised, healthy low calorie diet.

The ThinSlim Diet Protocol has helped thousands of people lose unwanted pounds. In addition to weight loss, many patients who have completed the diet protocol also experienced many other health benefits, including a drop in blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar.

Is the ThinSlim Protocol Safe?

This diet protocol has been successfully used in treating patients in Europe for over 50 years. This type of medical protocol is not a new protocol; it has been tested for decades.

Is the medication approved by the FDA?

the injectable medication used in the ThinSlim Diet is available as a prescription medicine which is FDA approved for certain uses. The FDA has not approved the treatment of weight control or obesity using this medication. Using this medicaiton in dieting is considered an "off-label" use. Medications are frequently used "off-label" to treat conditions that are unrelated to their original indications, safely and effectively. Some other examples of "off label" use of drugs are water pills for blood pressure control and anti-depressants for pelvic related pain, such as CPPS.

How does the ThinSlim Diet Protocol cause you to lose weight?

The injectable medication appears to cause the hypothalamus, a small control center in the brain, to tell the body to release abnormal fat into the bloodstream and make it available to be used by the cells in your body for nourishment. This process has two effects that promote weight loss. First, the body takes unwanted abnormal fat and uses it as "food" providing nutrition to your body without eating. Second, as your body feels full from the nutrition it has received from the released fat, your hunger is satisfied, reducing your desire to eat.

Can too much of the medication hurt my muscle tissue?

This injectable medication causes the release of abnormal fat, but has no affect on structural fat and lean muscle tissue. Most people tend to store abnormal fat in their lower stomach, hips, thighs, buttocks and upper arms.

Are there any side effects?

Several positive side effects are associated with the ThinSlim therapy. These include: positive mood, increased energy, improved sleep, and increased feelings of satiety.

Does the ThinSlim Diet Protocol work for Everyone?

As a diet aid it works for both men and women. Most people report losing between a half and one pound per day. Although the ThinSlim Protocol works for most people, just like with any prescribed drug, some people will have better results than others.

Won't I starve if I only eat 500 calories per day?

While on the ThinSlim Protocol, your body begins to consume the abnormal fat at about a pound per day. A pound of fat is equal to approximately 3,500 calories. Therefore your body is receiving the equivalent of approximately 4,000 calories per day, leaving it feeling satisfied and nourished.

How long will the program last?

The program consists of three phases:

Phase 1 (Loading):Reduce intake to 1500 to 2000 calories, Initial consult, create weight loss plan, prescription provided for injections (23 to 42 day regimen depending on weight loss plan).

Phase 2 (Maintenance): reduction to 500 calorie intake and supplemented with diet medication.

Phase 3 (Stabilization): stop the diet medication and start on-going diet management to maintain weight loss and correct eating habits.

Do I need a prescription for the diet medication before I start?

Your initial visit will consist of collecting medical history, determining prescriptions and other OTC medications already being taken with a registered nurse. A nurse or weight loss counselor will also help with the gathering of personal statistics, going over what you should and shouldn't eat, things you should and shouldn't do and creating a personal weight loss plan for you. One of our board certified physicians will then meet with you to go over your overall health, discuss the diet plan that is fitting for your health and provide all necessary prescriptions that will accommodate your plan.

How much does all this cost?

Everyone's plan is a little different based on their needs and goals and the type of prescriptions selected, so it is hard to say exactly how much your plan will cost. Call our office at (239) 260-8333 for a pricing estimate based on your needs.

Is it safe for Vegetarians and Vegans?


Can I use salt while on the protocol?

Yes, but remember salt causes you to retain water, so use it mindfully.

Why should I avoid drinking tap water?

Tap water contains chlorine and that will affect the functions of your Thyroid.

What can I eat while I am doing the protocol?

The diet will be covered during your initial consult. A sample of that diet would include:

Every Day

  • Two quarts of water.


  • Herbal tea, black tea or coffee (without sugar - stevia is ok).

Lunch / Dinner (500 Calories)

  • 100 grams of veal, white fish, beef, chicken, lobster, shrimp or tuna.
  • Two vegetables from the approved list.
  • One fruit from the approved list or non-fat yogurt.
  • Approved crackers or bread sticks

Can I complete the protocol if I am pregnant or nursing?


What make-up should I use when on the protocol?

Any make-up that does not contain fats, oils, creams or ointments of any kind. Look for products that are suitable to a pregnant mother. Naked Minerals is a good choice for make-up. You should also use a "Crystal" type deodorant that you can find in most health stores or on the Internet.

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